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Akshargandh is a leading organization in the field of Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy Art and Personality Development. Thousands of students are taking benefits of our various workshops, competitions, exhibitions and interactive educational events.

Our major activity ‘Indian Pledge & Beautiful Handwriting Awareness Campaign’ is appreciated by many respected personalities from the society.

Considering the importance of beautiful handwriting in school and college life, 'Akshargandh' devoted itself into 'Mission Beautiful Handwriting' on Sept. 2003.

As on date, thousands of students have taken advantage of our Handwriting & Calligraphy training and succeeded in their life. 'Akshargandh' is a brand which has achieved very respectful image and great goodwill in the education field.

'Akshargandh' : The Brand:  As a social commitment, 'Akshargandh' devoted itself into 'Mission Beautiful Handwriting' in Sept 2003. So far, thousands of students have taken advantage of our scientifically proven handwriting Improvement system & succeeded in their life.

'Akshargandh' is an educational brand which has achieved very respectful image and great goodwill in society through it’s “Beautiful Handwriting Awareness Campaign’’

 The man behind: The concept, the training system and the scientifically proven syllabus is researched, developed & designed by Nilesh Bagwe (B+) B.F.A. Applied Art (Typography & Calligraphy) Nilesh Strongly believes in humanity, technology, art, teamwork, ideas, dream, attitude & personality development… 23 years of experience in corporate branding & calligraphy. In addition, great motivation skills and leadership qualities. 

Active... Creative... Positive…!!!

A J. J. School of Arts alumni, hardcore creative artist, passionate calligrapher & typographer. A motivational team leader with a natural source of positive energy, Backbone of UgamCreative and aims to drive the company to great heights. Equipped with a 23 years robust experience in global to local corporate branding.

14 years ago, as a social commitment, he experimented on a group of students to improve their  handwriting, and the result was surprising. Then the thought came of launching Akshargandh. Since then, along with wife Ulka, and the team of dedicated associates he started taking professional workshops. So far institute has trained more than 50000 students.

What is Beautiful Handwriting?

Handwriting, that impresses readers & attracts their attention is Beautiful Handwriting.  The key points of beautiful handwriting are speed, neatness, simplicity, legibility & uniformity of the basic strokes & shapes.

We have heard that
''Beautiful handwriting is an art, not everyone has it''. But at 'Akshargandh', we have proved that anybody can master this art in just 6 days...! 

Importance of Beautiful Handwriting.

In school and college life no doubt, handwriting has lot of importance. An average student do know the answers of all the questions and they even write their answer papers, but only due to their bad handwriting teacher finds it very difficult to assess what has been written, ultimately it results in getting less marks or failing in the examinations.

Beautiful Handwriting not only helps student in scoring good marks but also builds their confidence and helps them to develop positive personality.

With the help of pleasant beautiful handwriting one can achieve desired success in school life as well as in any chosen career.

Beautiful Handwriting is the Happiest Journey to Beautiful, Scented & Successful LIFE…!!!

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